This Heron is the first egg I have truely finished, and that is because it is sold!  My first Sale!!  He was a lot of fun to do and I think he came out very well!  I hope he likes his new home in upstate NY!
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This beautiful cross is waiting for a clear coat, and then will be up on eBay!  Great for Easter time!!

The Parker Carousel horse is my first attempt at my own Stencil design.  It will be hitting eBay as well!
I have really had some fun with this eagle!  I textured his feathers and gave him a fish to pounce on!  He was an experiment on the back side of the Swan.
The swan had a couple of places where I went through the white layer accidentally.  I decided to try some cattail cutouts to hide the problem.  They worked quite well I thought!  However, when showing it off to someone, a child ran over and grabbed the egg, putting a finger through it's back.  Ah well......... I had already put the eagle on the backside anyway, so it wasn't major!  This was my second emu egg carving, so I am very pleased with the results!